About Us

My story

 I first discovered waist beads while studying abroad in Ghana during undergrad. After graduating, I started this business as a way to help some of the friends I met in Ghana sell their art. I added the waist beads because I thought they were cute body jewelry, but I noticed they were getting a lot of attention from customers who were using them to track their weight loss. I never really realized what a powerful tool they were until I had my son. After giving birth, I wanted a way to track my post partum body changes without being dependent on the scale. I found that the waist beads gave me more confidence and made me feel good about my post baby body. I also found them to be a more intuitive way to track my weight fluctuations, which made me feel more in tune with my body. I finally understood why so many of my customers shared their stories with me about struggling with the scale and wanting to feel beautiful along their weight loss journey. We even started a monthly Fitbead Challenge to keep our customers motivated and give them support. Today we are helping women all over the world feel more beautiful in their own bodies and reach their fitness goals with their self-love in tact


Our company

This Fine Print (soon to be Fitbeads), is a social enterprise with two missions: to support local Ghanaian jewelry artisans and provide a body positive way for women to track their fitness goals. First, we wanted to create a platform for African artisans to share their work and culture with the world and provide a better life for themselves and their families. We believe that entrepreneurship, not foreign aid, creates strong communities. We are a committed to creating jobs, sharing culture and creating economic bridges between communities of color on the continent of African and those here in the United States.


While we are a proudly black-owned company, our second mission is to change the way woman of ALL colors, shapes and sizes look at their body. Our waist beads are the perfect weight loss tool because they represent the starting point, the journey and the end goal all at once. It’s like wearing your fat jeans and your goal bikini at the same time. Waist beads are not just a weight-tracking tool. They are also an important cultural practice and an opportunity to share African culture.